The Pilothouse Difference

The complete sell out of a development on launch day begins with identifying the desired end result, then working backwards through target audience and marketing price, and positioning all the way back to product mix and design, while connecting the building and floor plan designs with a predetermined and pre-identified audience.

"I worked with Pilothouse Real Estate Inc. on two developments, he pushed product design in a very purposeful direction and the result was both developments selling out completely on launch day."

Colin A. Hogan
Architect AIBC, Principal
Focus Architecture Inc.

Architectural Market Matching

More than any other service, tactic, or strategy, this is where Pilothouse Project Marketing adds value to each project we enter. Our approach is to focus on delivering architectural solutions to market conditions. Regardless of market circumstance, incredible results in any market can be achieved if the product offering connects with the correct market. Give the right buyers the correct product and the results will follow.

By understanding real estate trends and buyer nuances, demands and exact specifications of buyer needs, from pricing to product, every market can be reached through architectural market matching.

The complete sell out of a development on launch day begins with designing the end result from the beginning and working backwards to product design. Architectural market matching connects building and floor plan design, unit mix and floor plans with a predetermined and pre-identified audience by matching architectural design and product offering to both the visible and concealed buyer-markets. 24 single day sell outs and counting, there is no company that understands architectural market matching and product design more thoroughly than Pilothouse.


Do you really know who the buyers are? The answer may surprise you. Different age groups react to specific messaging better than others and each buying group has segments within it which need separate messaging. After each project we speak to our buyers and our registrants who didn’t buy. After years of this research, we know who is going to buy what and why….and more importantly, why not.

"I’ve worked with Pilothouse Real Estate Inc. and seen their approach to strategy and, their results. Believe it when they say they will sell out your development, because they will."

Jim Toy
B.A. B.Arch., Principal,
False Creek Design Group Ltd.