Our Philosophy is Simple.

Increase the value of each development by strongly influencing design, then generate widespread awareness, resulting in unprecedented sales success. The results speak for themselves; 24 single-day complete development full sales successes. From Surrey to Seattle, from residential to resort, we initiate product design and market desirability that creates demand, and our projects sell out in record time. If you are looking for a project marketing company with a widespread record of success, and you are interested in how our philosophy will impact your project’s value, call Pilothouse today to see what our philosophy will mean to your bottom line.

"Pilothouse Real Estate Inc. completely sold out our project for us on launch day in a tough market. More importantly, they achieved $30 dollars per foot more than our direct competitor. I’ve seen this team create demand and break price records wherever they go, they are the real deal."

Soon Kim
Newgen Developments


Identifying the next buyer market is more important than understanding the current one

Do you really know who the buyers are? The answer may surprise you. Different age groups react to specific messaging better than others, and each buying group has segments within it which need separate messaging. After each project, we speak to our buyers and our registrants who didn’t buy. After years of this research, we know who is going to buy what and why… and even more importantly, why not.

Buyer trends move with every new market impact. From mortgage rates to the latest sell out, to news stories to transportation issues and solutions to in-migration, each market acts independently of the next. Historic buying trends, current and planned product types and unit mixes, competitive reviews and understanding the holes in our markets- this is PPM’s strength. It means your development will have a better designed product offering for the intended audience, and not the same product that is on today’s market, but what tomorrow’s buyers will demand.

Each geographic and demographic market is in a constant state of change. It’s not enough to know who bought recently, it is critical to know who’s buying next and why. PPM follows the trends and connects them through architectural market matching to create strong buyer-anticipation.

"Our firm works in markets all over British Columbia, and I can say with clarity, that regardless of the project's size or location,  their results are independent of market conditions… their approach delivers incredible results."

Gary Pooni
Brook Pooni Associates Inc.


Launch day lineups don’t just happen, regardless of product design… the public has to know about your project and understand why it is different and important.

Inspired by our competitive environment, we are driven by a passion to make every project important to the market. Our ideas are created internally, driven and informed by market trends, art, fashion, interior design and technology, and influenced by other industries such as the automotive and movie marketing fields.

When the correct architectural plans match the buyer trends, the next step is for the marketer to grab the buyer and position your project properly. It’s a competitive market; the need to rise above the noise is paramount to your success, and that’s where PPM is a fundamental differentiator.

"Uniquely creative, Pilothouse Real Estate Inc. team has been a pleasure to work with."

Christopher D. Vollan
Vice President, Development
Rize Alliance Properties Ltd.