Why Pilothouse?

We believe every development should experience opening day line-ups and record setting sales volume, regardless of market conditions or geographic area. If you are developing a multi-family project, call us and we can show you how our approach to design, marketing and sales will increase your project’s value and generate incredible results.

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"Pilothouse Real Estate Inc. completely sold out our project for us on launch day in a tough market. More importantly, they achieved $30 dollars per foot more than our direct competitor. I’ve seen these guys create demand and break price records wherever they go, they are the real deal."

Soon Kim
Newgen Developments

"Pilothouse Real Estate sold out the first two buildings for us on opening day. They understand what buyers want and how to combine architectural design and marketing. They generated a line up of anxious buyers and achieved record-breaking sales prices for us. Amazing."

Darryl Caunt
MIBROC Developments

"We really liked how Pilothouse Real Estate Inc. was brave with their ideas and bold in their execution. As a result, they sold out our six-story building in a single day sales event, and accomplished what our competitors are taking years to achieve. I  look forward to working with Pilothouse Real Estate again."

P.L. Meindertsma
Diverse Properties

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    Pilothouse’s Story

    We’re not like the other guys, Really.

    Our objective, on each and every project, is to increase its value through design, and then sell-out on launch day.

    Pretty big statement, but having sold-out 24 buildings in 24 single day events, with dozens more selling 70% or higher on opening day and breaking price records in every market we enter… we walk the talk.

    We understand buyer-trending, and that today’s product won’t fit tomorrow’s buyer, so we start with design and architecturally matching your product with the projected-buyers, then position each development as different and highly desirable. We know how to generate interest, word of mouth and results… and it doesn’t come from a sign or an ad in the paper…

    Pilothouse’s recreational and residential success throughout Western Canada, California, Hawaii and Mexico, and our offices and Agents throughout British Columbia and Asia, mean our clients achieve wide reaching local and international exposure and explosive results.

    And, we just got better (and bigger)…

    In 2013, we merged with Macdonald Realty, the largest privately owned Real Estate corporation in British Columbia. Together with Macdonald’s 960 agents and 100+ support staff in 21 offices throughout B.C. and Asia, Pilothouse is now a Vancouver-based marketing and sales organization with uninhibited geographic access to new buyer-supplies.

    Whether you are planning your development’s future, or considering a new direction, give us a call and we would be glad to speak to you and discuss our “no excuse” approach.

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    "We've seen Pilothouse Real Estate Inc. go into many different and diverse markets - from Surrey and Abbotsford to Kelowna and Kamloops, and sell projects out on opening day. They have the ability to capture buyers' attention and generate sales, regardless of the prevailing market conditions."

    Michael Ferreira
    Urban Analytics INC.